By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012
    Reasons why Archbishop Demetrios is not responsible for the Ephraimite Mess Reason #1 With the unilateral charter changes that occurred in 2002 by the Patriarch, the Archbishop is no longer the “Primate” of the church in the United States. He presides over the Holy Eparchial Synod, but has little actual control over the other Metropolises. Any previous coordination functions have been reduced or eliminated. The Metropolitans control their own pre-determined geographical areas. The Metropolitans in the United States now only answer to the Patriarch. Reason #2 Each Metropolitan of our church is now completely responsible for the Monasteries in his jurisdiction. It is the opinion of this organization that the following Hierarchs have control over or have stopped the harmful practices from occurring in their Metropolises. They are: Archbishop Demetrios Bishop Savas – (while he was Chancellor of the Archdiocesan District) Metropolitan Evangelos – Metropolis of New Jersey Metropolitan Methodios – Metropolis of Boston Metropolitan Nicholas -Metropolis of Detroit We are of the opinion that the following Metropolitans have a growing problem that they need to confront using the new powers of their office: Metropolitan Maximos -Metropolis of Pittsburgh Metropolitan Alexios -Metropolis of Atlanta We hope and pray that both of these Metropolitans execute their duties and responsibilities to the laity of their Metropolises and confront these issues before they overwhelm their Metropolises. We are of the sincere opinion and belief that the Ephraimite problem in these last two mentioned Metropolises will cause significant damage. We ask each Hierarch, Chancellor or Assistant Bishop to move with great speed to correct these problems. We also ask where are your Metropolitan Councils. Who is complicit in allowing the cancer to spread? Where are the records or financial audits, findings of spiritual courts or records of action to confront the spread of this cancer? The Metropolises that have a significant problem are: Metropolitan Iakavos – Metropolis of Chicago Metropolitan Gerasimos- Metropolis of San Francisco Metropolitan Isaiah- Metropolis of Denver We implore each of you to do something, anything to manage the growing issues presented by the Ephraimites. Reason #3 Key laity, clergy and Hierarchs have failed to disclose or discuss the Ephraimite issues with the Archbishop or the Executive Director of the Archdiocese or even the Patriarch. Some have failed to act in order to maintain their positions within the Church. Others appear as if they have a vested interest in maintaining their silence. Whatever the reason, the responsible parties have failed to exercise their duties to the Greek Orthodox Church and should resign from their positions. Reason #4 The Ephraimite movement has focused its growth and influence in the western, largest geographically sized Metropolises. These Metropolises are San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. In these three Metropolises, they have found warm, comfortable and manipulative environments. The movement uses local Ephraimite Priests to secure cover in order to expand. The good faith-abiding priests in the most infected Metropolises are subject to harsh treatment if they complain to the Archdiocesan authority about the problems occurring in their Metropolises. Since the charter change, the Archbishop no longer has the power to fix the problem. We ask what the Patriarch is doing to fix these problems. Reason #5 The Ephraimite movement has secured some powerful tools in certain Metropolises. In Chicago, it appears that the Hierarchs fear certain media that would cast them in an unfavorable light. In particular, we sense fear of a single Greek-American Media outlet. As a result, the necessary checks and balances system that would act as a positive influence over the Hierarchs now is being used as a weapon of influence by the Ephraimites to promote their agenda. Since this has never been disclosed to the proper parties, how can a rational individual hold the Archbishop responsible for solving a problem that is willfully hidden from him and more importantly, that he no longer has the power to fix? Reason # 6 Certain Hierarchs of the Church have created an atmosphere of invincibility among the Ephraimite Clergy. With the growth of the Ephraimite movement, it is clear that many have just given up. Many have decided it is easier to look away and pretend there is not a problem than to confront it. The apathy among some faith abiding clergy is palpable. You can sense the defeat when discussing these issues with the dwindling number of faith abiding clergy still left in these infected Metropolises. The problem is so acute that certain older clergymen do not wish to retire for fear of what will happen to the parishes they have faithfully served if they are replaced by an Ephraimite priest. Has this problem been disclosed to the Archbishop or even the Patriarch? Based on what we have learned, we doubt it. Silence and “sweeping under the rug” have become the order of the day in the severely affected Metropolises. Reason #7 While it is unfortunate that many faith abiding clergymen have given up, one senses that so have certain Hierarchs. What happened to Metropolitan Isaiah? He use to be an outspoken critic of the Ephraimite movement. In a 1998 Protocol to his priests entitled “The Lord does not want slaves in his Kingdom”, he wrote in part: “This spirit of blind obedience with the deadening of the free will is unfortunately being practiced among some of our people and even some of our clergy. They will not do anything without first receiving a ‘blessing’ from their ‘spiritual father’. And if they have been convinced that the Spiritual Father is a walking saint, they will eat his unfinished food after the common meal and even consume other things which may have touched the spiritual father in some particular way. This is nothing more than idolatry. It puts God aside and constitutes the worship of his creature.” Since Metropolitan Isaiah wrote these words, the problem has grown ten fold. At what point in time did he become silent? Is there a logical or innocent reason for his silence? Does Metropolitan Isaiah, who is now predominantly featured in the informational DVD of Holy Archangels Monastery founded by Elder Ephraim, now believe in this movement? What about Metropolitan Iakovos? He, too, is featured as a promotional tool for a video about the Saint John Chrysostomos Monastery in Pleasant Prairie, WI. A soft, yet seductive female’s voice is also used as a marketing tool. Metropolitan Iakovos is used to create an illusion of credibility to a perverted form of monasticism and corrupted Orthodox theology. The reports of the afflicted grow. Yet, those who must protect our faith grow silent. What must be done to renew the voices of our Metropolitans? Our Archbishop is powerless to solve this problem alone.