By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Greek Orthodox Christians of Chicago for Truth and Reform Launches Website Chicago, IL (November 4, 2009): Greek Orthodox Christians of Chicago for Truth and Reform officially launched the GOTRUTHREFORM.ORG website, a resource for individuals, especially the laity of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. The genesis of this organization was set in motion due to concerns surrounding the establishment of Monasteries by Elder Ephraim in the Metropolis of Chicago. However, through our investigation, we soon discovered that these concerns are not limited to the Metropolis of Chicago but affect every Orthodox Christian worldwide. The launch was held on November 4, 2009 in the Chicago land area. Attending the launch were many prominent members of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and other Metropolises. The website located at, was designed in Chicago with the support of many volunteers. The website’s resources provide information and commentary for individuals and organizations, including research, newsgathering and opinion editorials, and will address issues and matters of public controversy that involve the current status and future of the Greek Orthodox faith and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America. The website’s mission is to educate people, especially the Greek Orthodox Laity on the issues raised by Elder Ephraim and his followers that confront the institution of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. The website will monitor and publish the activities and teachings of Elder Ephraim and his Monasteries, and to expose their effect upon the institution of the Greek Orthodox Church and its laity. The website provides an opportunity for the many victims of Elder Ephraim’s “theology” to speak out through the email link which was activated to gather information and communicate our findings that concern Elder Ephraim and his followers. The mission statement for this organization is: We Greek Orthodox Christians of the Metropolis of Chicago will no longer accept the conditions that have spread and caused irreparable harm to our faith. We are of the opinion that our current Hierarchs of the Metropolis of Chicago are complicit in allowing a cancerous cult to permeate the theology of our Church. Therefore, we will focus the efforts and attention of our members to expose inappropriate teachings, practices and customs as they concern our Faith. Greek Orthodox Christians of Chicago for Truth and Reform is exercising its rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion under the Constitution of the United States by speaking out and publishing information concerning a grave matter of public controversy. The founders of this website understand that this controversy ranges around sensitive issues but they believe that they are exercising their right to report something of vital public interest. Greek Orthodox Christians for Truth and Reform is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contact: Email at