Two relevant articles that everyone should read!

By dogcatcher on November 16th, 2019

We would be remiss if we did not bring to the attention of our readers Scholarly works addressing the heresies and spiritual issues brought on by the Ephraimite monastery movement. This article directs our readers to two such learned treatises. Two scholars of note have recently taken on the issue of fundamentalist teachings in the Greek Orthodox Church. Links to their articles, excerpts and short background information is contained in this article.


Unfortunately, we have watched as the leaders of our Faith remained silent in the face of clear error. Their cowardice has not gone unnoticed. They are abrogating their duty to protect the Faithful from the heresies promulgated by the followers of Elder Ephraim. So, it is with continued resolve to protect the Faithful from a Theological scourge that we ask you to read the articles linked below in their entirety.


The first is the “The Tollbooth Phenomenon” by Fr. Lambros Kamberidis


Fr. Kamberidis academic background is exemplary: “Father Lambros holds degrees in Philosophy and Byzantine History. He received his Doctorate in 2004 on the subject of the Phanariot governors of Romania during the 17th and 18th centuries. He has authored six books on theological and historical subjects, has edited a translation in English of the Selected short stories of Alexandros Papadiamandis (The Boundless Garden, Denise Harvey Publisher, 2006), and has written numerous articles in Greek, English and French, on subjects related to literary criticism, theology and history. He is teaching at the Universities of Concordia and Sherbrooke literature and theology and participates regularly as a speaker in international conferences in Europe and America.”


Here is the link to his article:


Here is a short selection from Fr. Kamberidis article:


“Who, in his or her quest for salvation, can find consolation in this spirituality of terror that instils fear and trembling on the poor soul preparing to depart from this world? What sort of pastoral guidance does a so-called charismatic class of spiritual fathers and mothers provide by resorting to this menace that can only produce a deranged, theophobic, sadistic spirituality? How many tollbooths and gates of terror the thief on the Cross had to pass through before gaining admittance to Paradise? As long as Orthodoxy succumbs to the terrorism exerted by this kind of pastoral ‘spirituality’, there is no hope in recovering the authentic spirit of our tradition, nurtured by the judgment of God, which is His love and mercy to all repentant sinners, irrespective of tollbooths and other instruments of transcendental ordeal favoured by some spiritual guides adept at preserving their reign of terror.” [Emphasis added by editors]


The second article is entitled “CONTRA “FATHER-ISM” ON SPIRITUAL AND THEOLOGICAL ABUSE” by John A. Monaco


Mr. Monaco’s academic background is also impressive: “McGill University, Montréal, QC, (2019–present) DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY(PH.D.) HISTORICAL-SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY Research: Thomas Aquinas, Theological Anthropology, Liturgical Theology


Boston College, Brighton, MA (2018–2019) MASTER OF THEOLOGY(TH.M.) HISTORICAL-SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY, May 2019 Thesis: Christus Exemplar: A Bonaventurean Eucharistic Theology Director: Rev. John F. Baldovin, S.J.


Boston College, Brighton, MA (2016–2018) MASTER OF DIVINITY(M.DIV.) THEOLOGY, May 2018High-Pass on Synthesis Exams (January 2018)


Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT (2011–2014) BACHELOR OF ARTS, HONORS PROGRAM (B.A., HONS.), SUMMA CUM LAUDE), PHILOSOPHY & RELIGION, May 2014 Thesis: A Response to Love’s Call: Jean-Luc Marion’s Philosophy of the Divine as Icon and Gift.”




Here is the link to Mr. Monaco’s article:


Here is a short selection from Mr. Monaco’s article:


“In my own interactions with Orthodox Christians in person and online, I have seen “Father-ism” spread like a contagious disease [Emphasis added by editors]—Church Father X says Y, and that is the final word on the subject. Whereas we should hold the Church Fathers to the standard of Sacred Scripture and the ecumenical councils, “Father-ist” practitioners often fall into a “fetishization or idolization of the Church Fathers as infallible and direct purveyors of divine truths.”


“In our current “Information Age,” any prospective candidate into Orthodoxy can be easily led astray by going down the wrong Internet alleyway, leading him to believe that “toll-houses” are integral to Orthodoxy, that Catholic baptism is “invalid,” and that revered Catholic saints (such as Francis of Assisi) represented the Anti-Christ. “Father-ism” is a perversion of tradition, an unhealthy reliance on a particular Father (or a select group of them), which then leads to a closed-minded view of Orthodoxy.” [Emphasis added by editors]


The Editors of this website have remained on sidelines and have eschewed criticism of Church “Leaders” as they accept the scepter of their offices.   However, the initial signs of their courage, indeed willingness, to act decisively in the face of clear and present dangers to the Orthodox faith is becoming apparent. It is the Editors fervent hope that actions will soon commence to combat the scourge of Ephraimite fundamentalism and the “menace that can only produce a deranged, theophobic, sadistic spirituality”.