By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012
WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are currently monitoring the divisive Ephraimite religious movement within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. Our investigative committee has conducted numerous interviews and has gathered evidence regarding among other things, spiritual abuse and non-canonical practices. We are asking for information on which individuals or entities have any contact, connection or affiliation with any aspect of the Ephraimite Religious movement. As always, we keep our sources confidential. We are asking for the following information regarding Elder Ephraim’s Monasteries: 1. Names of any Greek Orthodox Priest who has presided over or participated in any sacrament at a monastery; 2. Names of priests who have provided fraudulent information on baptismal certificates, i.e. place of baptism is incorrectly recorded at a parish instead of a monastery; 3. Dates and Places of fundraising events held for the monasteries; 4. Names and locations of businesses selling goods or providing services for the monasteries; 5. Names and ages of monks, nuns or priests located at the monastery and ages when they entered the monasteries; 6. The names of persons who have filed an action in a court of law or in the Spiritual Court of any Metropolis and the facts surrounding those actions; 7. Circumstances of spiritual abuse during confession; 8. Facts of excessive punishments attributed during confession; 9. Names of monks, nuns or priests who have offered marital counseling resulting in a separation or divorce; 10. Names of monks, nuns or priests who have offered pre-marital counseling resulting in terminated engagements; 11. Names of monks, nuns or priests who have re-baptized any person in violation of canonical laws. 12. Names of priests who have refused or avoid Chrismating any Christian who has been previously baptized in another faith that complies with our Church rules; 13. Any other activity that you believe may be harmful or offensive to our faith. We all have a responsibility to be the guardians of our faith and it is in this light that we ask for your help. Please click on the button below and submit any information you may have regarding this movement which has disturbed the Peace of our Church. Be a steward of the faith and confidentially report what you know. Email at