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Welcome to This section is dedicated to providing a synopsis of the problem confronting the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the faithful at large. The articles and content in this section are organized in a manner to provide a foundational understanding of the critical issues. These articles and more can be found in the the Article Archive section of this web site however we felt that organizing them in this fashion would provide the necessary background information. Thank you for visiting and as always, your comments and suggestions are welcomed to THE EPHRAIMITE MOVEMENT The Ephraimite Movement has come to Foreclose on your Parish Home: Why has the Ephraimite Movement been so successful in influencing the Laity of our Metropolises? The answer to this question is complicated because it is multi-faceted containing religious, philosophical, psychological and even sociological aspects. It is important to understand what is really happening in our Greek Orthodox faith. We are in the middle of an apparent schism where the faith is being divided into two camps. As Greeks, we cannot believe this is happening to our Church. The Ephraimite movement uses a fanatic interpretation of our faith to divide our ethnic group. We will try to explain how the Ephraimites operate in order to help you identify what is occurring at your church. Unfortunately, the Ephraimites have focused an increasing amount of energy on the children and youth of our church. Thus, it is up to you to read and think about this article and to take a stand. WHAT IS AN EPHRAIMITE What is an “Ephraimite?” It is not easy to exactly define the term Ephraimite. One can say it is an affliction of varying degrees. Some readily acknowledge the title while others who are so influenced are not even aware of the word Ephraimite. It is curious that some hard-core Ephraimites still believe they follow the accepted theology of the Greek Orthodox faith. INFECTED PRIEST Has your Priest been infected by Ephraimite Theology? While reading this article, ask yourself if your priest is an Ephraimite. If you can still ask him questions, you are more fortunate than others. Most Ephraimites stopped asking questions when they began following an Ephraimite elder or one of their surrogates. If you belong to the Metropolis of Chicago, you should know that many priests are Ephraimites. Some can be referred to as “closet Ephraimites” while others are “hard-core Ephraimites”. However, one of their national leaders and lead recruiters is a Priest in the Metropolis of Chicago. This intelligent and highly charismatic priest has converted more Greek Orthodox Priests and Christians into Ephraimites than any other Priest in America. This occurred under the watchful eye of the Hierarchs our Metropolis. GAMEPLAN The Game Plan to Take Over Your Parish This article will give you, the reader, an idea of what to anticipate when the Hierarchs of the Metropolis of Chicago assign a new Ephraimite Priest to your parish. The editorial board of this website has, through lengthy observations and analysis have articulated the “Game Plan” which has been skillfully developed to convert your beloved parish community into an Ephraimite Parish. We Are Not Under One Umbrella The Ephraimite movement has changed the perspective upon those who remain Faith abiding. During the supervision of our faith by Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory one would not have imagined an attempt to defend the indefensible. But, like a very bad nightmare that has taken a life of its own, this is what we hear from our clergy. Rare is the Priest that will directly confront the issue of the Ephraimites. Some will not even engage in a discussion about the issues that surround the Ephraimites. Do faith abiding Priests and Hierarchs owe a duty to rightfully educate our laity? Do we as members of the laity have a duty to guard the faith?  Read More: LAMBS BEING POISONED…? The most disturbing by-product of the Ephraimite Clergymen was the creation of a new generation of Myrmidons. As you recall, Myrmidons were the warlike Thessalian people who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy. They were known for their great loyalty and their ability to follow blindly. Myrmidons were set apart for they executed any and all orders without question. It was then I began to fully understand the effect of this Ephraimite movement upon our laity. Ephraimite Falacies (Part One)… Avoid Becomming an Accesory to Their Schismatic Offense Most people will tell you that a fallacy is a false or mistaken idea. The reality is that a single or multiple fallacies can serve as the basis of an individual’s incorrect understanding of his or her own faith. As we have opened a door to a debate about the Ephraimite Monasteries one thing is clear, misinformation is being used as a tool to falsely educate their followers. We begin by looking at some of the constant claims made by the Ephraimites in support of their peripheral movement within our Church and follow with our responses to their false claim by pointing out the major differences between the Monasteries on Mount Athos and the Monasteries of Elder Ephraim.