By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012

Learn to Speak “Ephraimitese”

If you wish to understand “code” language of the Ephraimites, avail yourself of the following glossary: Zionist Rather than show their anti-semetic side or views, they use the word “Zionist” in order to camouflage their feelings toward people who are Jewish. They cast them as Zionist and will tell you that even Jewish people are anti-Zionist, thus we are normal. Apostolic Successors A hard core Ephraimite believes that their own monks are the true, final and only apostolic successors thus replacing all hierarchs and clergy. Freemasons Used by Ephraimites to describe an organization that they characterize as a cult of people committed to destroying Orthodoxy. AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Organization) An organization described by Ephraimites as one based on Freemason ideals, secrecy and at its core, a satanic type of worship. They believe that any clergyman that allows AHEPA chapter or Masonic meetings at their parishes is doing the devil’s work to destroy Orthodoxy. Roman Catholics, Protestants, Mohammedans, Jews, Buddhists, Brahmins, Shintoists, Papists, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, Unionists, Ecumenists Rather than define the above listed religions and people of different beliefs, we will merely give you three different citations from Elder Ephraim’s Book “A Call from the Holy Mountain” pages 42 and 43. (A copy of this book can be downloaded at no cost after you become a registered user at the following link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/3550439/A-call-from-the-Holy-Mountain “The Church Has No Place among the Conglomeration of Errors and Heresies: Ecumenism: The rule is that where much is being said about a virtue, that virtue is not to be found there. The• voice raised in favor of that virtue is the cry of its absence. This is the case with the “love” of all those who believe that they should contribute towards the realization of the Lord’s wish “That they all may be one.” “Let us be more specific. They say that we Orthodox should unite with the Roman Catholics and then with the Protestants and with all the known and unknown heresies conceived by the Devil in the name of Christianity. After all Christians without exception unite, they should then unite with the Mohammedans, the Jews and in extension with the Buddhists, Brahmins, and Shintoists and with all the religions of the universe in general.” “This pan-heretical alchemy is being inspired through the so-called World Council of Churches. We think that the term is not true to the fact, for it does not concern a World Council of Churches but a World Council of Will Worship. The only god to demand a tribute of worship there will be the fallen Beelzebub who through his repre¬sentative amongst men, the Antichrist, will try to sub¬stitute his own will for the faith and worship of the true God. For in Ecumenism there is no personal God; for consistent ecumenists the doctrine of the Trinitarian God is utterly rejectable.” “It is well known that the devil-instigated Zionism is coordinating two insidious operations both within and without the Church aspiring to one and the same end; to destroy the fortress known as Orthodoxy.” “Papists, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, Unionists~ Ecumenists and any other •’root of bitterness” — all these have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful.” (Sic) “We believe that Orthodoxy has no place among this con¬glomeration of errors and heresies. This insidious “ecumenical fabrication does not wish to seek out the truth but”, according to Father Haralambos Vasilopoulos, “is a mixture aimed at exterminating the Truth. It is an effort not for those that have been deceived to find the truth but for those that do have it to lose it; that is, those who believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” “We believe that a person with the ability to think for themselves will reach the following conclusion “They believe that they are the only true believers, all others, including other orthodox Christians are nominal, non-spiritual false Christians.” Monks Final and only apostolic successors. The only true warriors of the faith. The last and final defenders who shall stop a union of the western (Roman Catholic) and eastern (Orthodox) faith. Orthodox Hierarchs No longer part of apostolic succession. They are merely administrators acting as bureaucrats. They are seen as a necessary evil to be compromised on behalf of the Ephraimite movement. They are to be falsely respected in public while they are scandalized in private. Liberal Anyone that does not adhere to their strict fanatical view of the faith. Ecumenist One who wants to destroy true orthodoxy and Christianity by uniting all Christians. New Calendarist A term used by Ephraimites to describe those that follow a mistake. According to them, the mistake occurred in 1924 when the Julian (old) calendar was dropped and the Gregorian (new) calendar was adopted. Ephraimites believe that adoption of this calendar is a direct fulfillment of a prophecy contained in the Book of Revelation. Some also believe that this marks the beginning of the end for the Greek Orthodox Church as it caused the growth of things they disdain like mixed gender choirs or church organs. Western Mindset The term is used to portray those who ask questions and those who Ephraimites believe should leave the Orthodox faith. It is also used for any Orthodox theologian who is in favor of dialogue with non-orthodox. Ephraimites use this term to refer to those who have accepted any change in the traditions of the faith. Those who are too Americanized or have adopted Protestant practices are not considered true Orthodox Christians. According to the Ephraimites, someone who has a western mindset should be left to the “evil one” and should be shunned. Papist Used to describe the Roman Catholic Church and its members. The term is also used to describe those Greek Orthodox Christians who are no longer angry with the Western Christians after the crusades. This Ephraimite term also refers to those who do not view the Pope’s visit to the Phnar or the Patriarch’s visit to the Vatican problematic. We believe the Ephraimites view the Pope as a direct and constant threat to Orthodoxy. Nominal Christian Those who do not follow the doctrines adhered to by the Ephraimites. They perceive nominal Christians as those who attend church but do not go to Ephraimite monasteries. It is one of their code phrases for “they are not one of us”. Spiritual A catch all word used by Ephraimites to describe one of their own kind or an experience at one of the Ephraimite approved monasteries. They use the word “spiritual” to marginalize any Priest, Monk or Hierarch that does not endorse their perverted theology. This word is used by them in such ways as “I find the teachings of Father ______ not to be spiritual”, or, “Father _____ is not spiritual”, or “I find Father _____ to be more spiritual than Father _____”. They have now taken to call the four most hard core Ephraimite priests of the Metropolis of Chicago the ONLY worthy priests in the entire Metropolis. Many non-Ephraimite laity sees these four priests as the ones destroying the peace of our faith and heretics that should be defrocked and ex-communicated from our faith.