By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012
  Has Anyone Connected with the Ephraimite Cult/Movement ever been Disciplined by the Spiritual Court in the Metropolis of Chicago? Members of our organization have heard numerous anecdotal accounts of matters that have been taken to the Spiritual Court or should have been heard by the Spiritual Court. Many have stated that if the issue involves an Ephraimite, while the court may decide that a violation has occurred, the Hierarch, in this case, Metropolitan Iakavos does not always implement the necessary punishment. The Non-Ephraimite clergy and laity have lost respect for the process. Faith abiding clergy have given up on seeking recourse in a system where even though they secure a finding in favor of a faith abiding clergyman and against the Ephraimite clergyman or practice. Then, when the matter is sent to the appropriate Metropolitan for sanctions, he refuses to impose the appropriate punishment. We will disclose one such incident to illustrate our findings in this area. Numerous sources have used this incident to illustrate their point. This reported incident involved a family that attends a church. They baptized their child at their own church. The child suffered from an ear infection at the time of the Baptism. A highly respected and knowledgeable priest did not totally immerse the child but made sure that it was covered with water. This family then went to an Ephraimite Monastery with the child for a visit. There, they engaged in a discussion about their child’s baptism with one of the nuns. It was there the child was re-baptized for the second time. This time, the child was fully immersed. After hearing about the second baptism, the faith abiding priest who performed the first baptism filed a complaint which was heard by the spiritual court in the Metropolis of Chicago. It was represented to our group that the spiritual court found that a canonical violation had occurred as the first baptism was fully acceptable. The matter was referred to Metropolitan Iakovos for sanctions to be imposed. Then, true to form, as he does when faced with this type of issue, he did nothing to sanction the alleged guilty parties. We ask Metropolitan Iakavos and Bishop Demetrios the following questions: 1. How many such incidents have occurred in your Metropolis? 2. Have you ever sanctioned an Ephraimite for a violation? 3. Do either of you comprehend the negative atmosphere that has been created by your collective leadership? 4. Do you understand how the morale of your faith abiding priests has suffered from the lack of supervision over Ephraimite related issues such as this illustrated case? 5. Have you ever responded to the faith abiding laity who question the actions of the Ephraimite priests with statements such as “perhaps being Orthodox is too hard for you”? The real question that all of us must ask is “Metropolitan Iakavos and Bishop Demetrios, is it too hard for you to be faith abiding Orthodox Hierarchs”? What other conclusion can one reach when Metropolitans Methodios, Nicholas and Evangelos and Archbishop Demetrios manage the Ephraimite issues to varying degrees in their own jurisdictions? These Hierarchs do so at great stress to themselves. They fulfill the responsibilities of their office without having to worry about local Greek television shows. They do not worry about protecting their images. One must ask why image is so important. What happened to being stewards of the Greek Orthodox faith? Since the Archbishop no longer has the power to reprimand the guilty, we respectfully request that a commission of Greek Orthodox lawyers and judges who are not currently members of the Metropolis or Archdiocesan Councils be appointed to examine all spiritual court proceedings. This must be done in all the significantly infected Metropolises to restore the integrity of the process. Metropolitan Iakovos and Bishop Demetrios, please take the responsibility to correct these issues. If being a faith-abiding Orthodox Hierarch is too difficult, please resign. Do the right thing, let someone else do what is in the best interest of everybody. To the other Hierarchs who have allowed us to get to this point, do the honorable thing and resign.