By dogcatcher on February 25th, 2012
Links to Informational Websites that are Anti-Ephraimite or Pro-Ephraimite Many scholars and experts have spent their time and energy exposing the teachings, practices and customs of the Ephraimites. Listed are some of the best resources available on the web for your education about the issues that have been brought to light by the Ephraimite movement in North America. Some of the links should be copied and pasted. Some may require you to visit the website first: 1.For an excellent article that offers a good general background about the issues go to: This article written in October, 2003 does an excellent job of explaining issues like the position of certain hierarchs and the effect on the laity. The author, Paul Cromidas, is a highly respected member of the Metropolis of Denver. He possesses high moral integrity and has spent decades at the forefront of exposing all kinds of abuse within the church. In this article, he confronts the spiritual abuse in a very direct and honest way. 2.For a series of articles on various topics that have developed as a result of Ephraimite issues go to: Rick Ross and his website have traced cults throughout the United States. The Ephraimites are disturbed that they are included in his data base. They attempt to marginalize his work by focusing on his Jewish background. 3.For a news story video that is the first of a two part investigation report go to: Part two is at 4.To read an excellent analysis of mind control and definitions and characteristics of a cult go to: This website is excellent because it is conceived and maintained by a former monk at St. Anthony’s. It is been reported to GOTR that the former monk had his life threatened on numerous occasions. Despite these threats, he masterfully exposes elements of mind control used by the Ephraimites. 5.For a well written article authored by Father Evagoras Constantinides that addresses some very key concerns about the Ephraimite movement go to: . The article is about Monasticism and the Business of Monasteries. Father Constantinides is retired and served in the Metropolis of Chicago. He is a highly respected clergyman who has spent many years writing and educating both clergy and laity. Despite his efforts, the Ephraimite movement continues to grow in the Metropolis of Chicago. 6.To download a free copy of Elder Ephraim’s book “A Call from the Holy Mountain”, go to: 7.To understand how those on blogs are confronted by Ephraimites when questions are asked go to:,17649.0.html. 8.To read about two of the most reported heresies promulgated by the Ephraimite Monasteries go to: In this article, Archbishop Lazar Puhalo sets the record straight. 9.To find the source of many articles the Ephraimites rely on for their version of Orthodox theology, go to the “Orthodox Heritage” website. It can be linked at: Make sure to click on “Orthodox Message of the Month” which contains various articles. To fully grasp the Ephraimite mentality and perspective of our Greek Orthodox faith, read April, 2006 article entitled: “Let us Stand Aright, Let Us Stand with Fear! Laity within the Holy Altar?”. 10.For an interesting and informative source that discusses one women’s experience in an orthodox cult go to: You will learn how following a “spiritual father” blindly created serious consequences for one orthodox Christian. Some of the Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese need to enlighten themselves and understand the environment they have created or protected. 11. There is a new website concerning the practices, theology and effect on the laity from the adherents to the “theology” of Elder Ephraim of Arizona. It is edited by a group out of the Metropolis of Atlanta. Some of our Editors have been consulted by them and we are of the collective opinion that is a site that everyone should visit and rely upon for information concerning the Ephraimite Movement”. Here is the link: 12. For an interesting article about Monastic guruism that appears in a blog by an Orthodox Priest please link to: In this article there is a discussion at a conference in Serbia involving leaders of the Serbian Orthodox Church were the subject of Orthodox Monastic guruism was a major issue and growing concern. After reading this ask yourself, “does this sound familiar”? Unlike Serbia , leadership in the GOA chooses not to face the problem, ask yourself why? 13. For those that enjoyed our article entitled “Holy Deception” should you need more proof please go to this link: Here the art of lying is advanced and justified from an Orthodox Monastic held in very high regard by most adherents to the Ephraimite cult. Just another example of the exploitation of the words of someone respected to validate the sin of lying to promote one’s agenda.